As the economy booms and the boomers age, those over 60 are ready to downsize out of those large homes they bought when the kids were still in school. These homes, often as large as 2,500 – 4,000sf, are now more than most older folks want to clean and maintain and offer a way to tap into the equity value as they decide what their next adventure will be as empty nesters and grandparents.

But are these groups of older citizens really buying into the Tiny Home Revolution? The answer is a resounding yes! One of the largest segments of the population buying Tiny Homes is the Senior Citizen population. Back in 2017, My Modern Met ( did a wonderful article chronicling the move to Tiny Homes by 3 different sets of senior citizens. Since that time, the tiny home movement has done nothing but grow in popularity with many different age groups, but seniors continue to be between 30-50% of all Tiny Home Sales.

Living smaller is not new for older folks, as many hit the road in their retirement years in a new RV or Motorhome. But a Tiny Home, while similar in size, is much different than an RV or motorhome…so it brings a new direction for those who do want to downsize but want something that feels more like a traditional home. Enter the Tiny Home. Whether on wheels or built on a foundation, these homes are typically 500sf or less in size, with the average size being between 150-250sf.

Simple Life, a resort-style Tiny Home Community just outside of Asheville, NC, is catering to this very segment of the population, and is growing at a rapid pace! What started out just a few years ago with a half dozen Tiny Homes and a clubhouse, now is working on its 3rd phase of the development and have room for several hundred tiny homes. ( They have brought the idea of mountain life retirement into reality for many folks who otherwise would not be able to afford the expensive real estate in that area.

Asheville is one of the most expensive areas to live in the entire state! But not at Simple Life Tiny Home Resort! Bring your own or they will build one, and lease a lot for just $550/mth. That includes amenities such as clubhouse, in-ground pool, walking trails, dog park, even a community garden…and of course, access to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of NC.

Going Tiny does not mean going without. It’s just living simply and enjoying more adventures outside of the home for those golden years! Many seniors love the fact that they have so much more time and energy to get outside and enjoy life more! Going Tiny continues to bring BIG joy for our older population.